Mystic Zealight is actually an odd being named Girish Rao who lives in several spaces and times, depending on the day in the lunar calendar. His mind looks like a local candy store. He spent many happy days in his youth listening to music from Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and other classic rock bands.

After losing most of the hair on his head to a corporate life, he quietly slipped out of the rat-race to pursue his dream of making music his life. By sheer persistence and a few happy accidents, he has created a music album featuring 10 songs. He now wishes to share it with the world because it may contain notes that resonate with the cosmos. If, by chance, you are enamoured by his music and his skills, and you'd like to tap into some of the creativity, write to

For purposes of music production and to give a home to his trusted Ibanez guitar, he currently inhabits a space in Bangalore, India